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What is e-Ngage?

e-Ngage is a mobility engine which provides organization employee engagement systems (from payroll slips to Leave approval to 360 degree surveys) with an Android, iOs, Facebook which can provide your organization with the power to eliminate all the above stated problems through a single, easy to use, mobile based semi-customizable solution.


The Philosophy followed by e-Ngage is that the business logic and work flow of most applications which any organisation uses will remain the same, and the front-end is just an interface for the existing application and the back end logic.

We have translated the same paradigm into the mobile world, wherein the base process and generic procedures for integrating and rendering any system to Android , iOS, fb app platform etc. have implemented as a part of the e-Ngage engine. These interfaces can then be customised as per customer suggested customizations for individual applications such that at the end of these activities, e-Ngage evolves into a totally flexible solution.

The advantage of such an approach is three-fold:

  1. There are many generic products and obviously bespoke applications within any organisation which do not and cannot provide mobile interface or mobile enabled versions of their products, even high-end products which may or currently do provide mobile enabled versions of their product there is the following problem
  2. You do have to buy expensive separate mobile-enabled licenses of each and every existing web based application, but this one solution e-Ngage can be customised to work with any existing application as per your company requirements. This is the difference between any "off-the-shelf" product and e-Ngage.
  3. Because all our mobile facing entities are part of a common engine, which is already built, we just have to customise the interface to your organisations applications; therefore The lead-time avoided in case of our solution as compared to any totally customized solution is tremendous. This explains why one ought to prefer e-Ngage to any fully customizable vendor offering.

Technical Specifications

e-Ngage harnesses the latest internet technologies and SOA framework to deliver an easy to manage, low infrastructure solution. The system comprises of Java based core engine based on Service Oriented Architecture(SOA) with either an MS-SQL or Oracle back-end. Since we have used Java, the system has the ability to blend in and merge with a host of other systems with minimum effort. The design of the system has been left as open ended as possible such that it may be configured to be interfaced with various intranet applications.

Considering the various mobile platforms available, the system currently serves and two major platforms iOS and Android. All other platforms including iOS and Android the system is available as an mobile site.

As the system resides within the organization's security framework and therefore would imbibe all the properties within the framework making the security risk of the software as negligible as that within your framework.

The database too lies within the organization. Further, this is not a proprietary database. Thus data backups can be performed and scheduled according to the policies within your IT department.

Features & Benefits


Mobile interfaces for web applications/legacy systems to Android, iOS, fb app platform, micro-site

All future Android, iOS, FB platform upgrades supported

Completely customisable


Faster Turn Around Times

Accurate tracking usage trends and up to the minute analytics

Increased usage of applications


Works within your organisation's security framework

Push notifications & Reminders

Available In hand, in bed and in transit


Reduces dependence and time spent on follow-up, notices on email etc.

Cost Savings as compared with cost of licensing individual mobile interfaces for every application


Works in areas with bad connectivity

Supports 2G, gsm-data, CDMS-Data, Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G and tether internet connectivy

Reports viewable by self as well as invitees

Available in per-employee or annual license mode


User-friendly and completely mobile interface 24/7 for most applications

All employee related information in one App, stored and available 24/7

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