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What is e-Nhancer?

The Employee Appraisal and Performance Management process has been followed for years, in the organisation. However, it has been fraught with administration, logistical, information recording, communication and report consolidating issues. e-Nhancer comes to you as a one-stop solution to all of the above problems.

e-Nhancer is a Java based toolset with an Oracle / MS SQL Server backend, which can provide your organisation with the power to eliminate all the stated problems through a single, easy to use, browser based semi-customizable system.


The Philosophy followed by e-Nhancer is that like most organisational processes, the performance appraisal is a generic process that is implemented after tweaking it to cater to certain organisational nuances. We have translated the same paradigm into the software world, wherein the base processes and generic procedures are implemented as a set of integrable components. These components can be picked by our customers along with suggested customizations, such that at the end of these activities, e-Nhancer evolves into a totally flexible solution.

The advantage of such an approach is two-fold:

  1. You do not have to change your work for the solution; the solution changes the way it works for you. This is the difference between any off-the-shelf product and e-Nhancer.
  2. The lead-time avoided in case of our product as compared to any totally customized product is tremendous. This explains why one ought to prefer e-Nhancer to any fully customizable vendor offering.

Technical Specifications

Web Technology : JSP, Servlets, JDK 1.4/1.5
Web Server : Apache Tomcat / WebSphere
Database : MS SQL Server / Oracle / MySQL / DB2
Browsers : IE8 +, Firefox, Chrome

Integration and Customization

From our experience, due to the nature of IT systems and policies in various organisations, there exists a need for integration with various legacy systems, in order to avoid duplication of data and effort. This activity is taken up as part of a separate Enterprise-wide Application Integration (EAI) task, after discussions with the functional and IT personnel in the organisation.

The customization possibilities are endless

We therefore usually suggest a meeting for a detailed understanding of the client's requirements, and based on it work on a set of customizations, which provides our client with a fully customized software experience, without the time lag associated with it.

Features & Benefits


Weightage can be attached to the targets that are important

Target setting can be done by the Appraiser and Appraisee together, interacting through the system

Facility for the Appraiser and Appraisee to track the achievement of the targets together, right till the final achievement stage

Web-based framework

Tested for 10,000+ concurrent users


The corporate goals can be translated into goals for each and every department, thus aligning the corporate and department objectives

It allows establishing relevant action plans to improve the organisation performance

Accessible 24*7


Ability to refer to previous appraisals performed, through the system

Email notifications

Auto-reminder facilities

Total interaction between Appraiser and Appraisee, in all stages of the system

Facility for creating action plans for individuals depending on their skill gap analysis


It reduces dependence on paperwork

The follow-up time on the status of appraisals is reduced

The motivation-levels of people to participate in the process is increased


Ability to set customized levels of achievement

The reports contain the skill-gap analysis of various employees in graphical format


Employee knows the strength areas on which he/she should focus

Allows them to analyze their own performance

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